We are excited for all the things that 2017 is bringing for Stories Foundation and the fight against injustice in your community. The Freedom Food Truck Grand Opening will be coming to a park near you the end of April, multiple awareness events and opportunities for you to get involved will also come with warmer temps here in MN. More info on all of that coming in the following days, but for today, we want to encourage you and challenge you.

Be Encouraged: Our Director and Co-Founder, Stephanie Page, was the guest speaker at Bethany Church in Roseville earlier this month and she shared a little of our story as an organization and a lot on our call to justice. If you are needing inspiration and encouragement in your fight against injustice, feel free to take 35 minutes and listen here.

The Challenge: Earlier this year we launched The Fair Project and now we have fine tuned it hoping to make it more accessible to more people. We are building a community of StoryChangers, people who will commit to buying one thing fair trade for one month. We can make a difference with our every day choices. When you choose to become a StoryChanger you will get added to our StoryChangers group where you can gather and be encouraged by other like minded StoryChangers. Here we will gather and share information on buying fair trade. Our goal is 200 StoryChangers in 2017. Will you be one?


We passionately believe that each and every one of us as a part to play in fighting against injustice. That is why we are committed to empowering YOU and your community to fight injustice. Thank  YOU for joining us on this journey. We are here for you, because of you. This is only the beginning. Let’s be about Living our Stories, Sharing our Stories and as we do that we will see other’s Stories changed!


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Join the Movement! We all have a story to share and our stories can touch the stories of others. Stories is on it's way to becoming a cafe where proceeds will go to the abolition of modern day slavery...

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