Good afternoon on one of the last beautiful November days!

A venue secured, a date chosen and a theme created; the first annual Storyline event was well underway. After much preparation over the past couple months, Stories Foundation hosted a donor appreciation and vision event the first Saturday of November. We thanked major donors for their generosity over the past year, and shared our vision for the future of Stories.

We named this event Storyline because we want to connect our stories through our mission to empower communities to fight injustice. Stories is an organization for the community and by the community, and we want each of our storylines to intersect with each other. We all have a story to live, to share and to change. For the storyline of Stories Foundation to continue, we need people to join us in our story, we need our storylines to intersect.


Each table was set with folders of information about where Stories has been, what we are doing now, and our plan for the future. Fact cards about human trafficking decorated the center of each table, and guests were given fair-trade chocolate. Everything was set and ready for guests to arrive.

Event Tables

A beautiful evening was ahead with the 60-degree weather and a sun shining strong. Guests arrived and mingling began. Shawna Hildebrandt, the Stories intern, started the evening by welcoming everyone to Storyline, whether they have been invested in Stories or this is their first introduction, we were glad they came. She also shared how her story intersected with Stories. Once dinner was served and enjoyed, our Executive Director, Stephanie Page, gave a short presentation about Stories Foundation. She talked about why we were all there, what Stories has accomplished over the past year, what we are working on today and the vision Stories has for the future with our Freedom Truck, Stories Cafe and volunteer leadership positions. The night ended with an opportunity to connect our stories through giving your time, skill or resources.


Our first annual Storyline event was a success and we cannot wait to see how this event will be transformed in the years to come. We want to thank all of our volunteers who helped make this event possible and our guests for their generosity.

We know we cannot do this alone, but together we can learn to really see people and change lives in our communities.

Live your story. Share your story. Change a story.

The Stories Team

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