Ministry Sync HeaderThe Stories Superhero 5K is fast approaching and I wanted to take a minute to talk about my inspiration for getting involved with Stories Café. Her name was Patti, and she was my mom, best friend and my very own superhero. She went home to be with Jesus a few years ago, after a yearlong battle with cancer. She taught me that every person, no matter their history, has a story worth telling. She was a wonderful example of being the hands and feet of Jesus, loving people through encouragement and little everyday things that made a huge impact in people’s lives.

Injustice and human trafficking are real problems effecting real people. The Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force reports that “victims of human trafficking are undoubtedly among the most unrecognized, underserved, and often marginalized populations in Minnesota”. Globally, the Polaris project reports there are an estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking and forced labor making up a 150 BILLION dollar industry. In other words, SLAVERY is still happening today, to real people, right under our noses.

Just like my Mom, I want to live my life well and invest in people in tangible ways. The vision of Stories is to inspire, empower, and equip people to do their part in fighting injustice. YOU and I can make a difference. By supporting Stories we are joining the fight and providing hope for so many organizations and real people affected by modern day slavery. If you are standing on the sidelines not sure what to do, but you want to DO something, the Super Hero 5K and Food Truck launch are a great place to start. Not only will you be joining a community that is intentional about loving people well, you will be helping shine a light into the dark places of this world.

Life is short, live it well friends!

Written By Karen

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Displaying Karen Bio Pic.jpgDisplaying Karen Bio Pic.jpgI am a student, wife, and mother of 3 great kiddos (two teenagers EEK!!) Between work, home, and school I stay pretty busy but I am learning to enjoy the journey of my perfectly, imperfect life. My prayer is that Jesus will break my heart for what breaks His, and that I will love fiercely even when it’s hard.

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    • Super Awesome to see and a great cause! Way to go! Your Mom was a great inspiration to me and showed me Love and acceptance in amazing ways! She’d be so proud of you… I can still hear her excitement for people, and see her generous hugs! Way to go karen!

      June 10, 2016, @ 3:26 am Reply

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