Y1463061_398446233650162_4512512349062367076_nou may have joined us this last Sunday for the S(He) Matters Event. If you weren’t able to make it here is a recap. We were so thankful to welcome Jeremy, and Maegan from Thrive Rescue Home. Thrive is a shelter for children who were trafficked in Pattaya, Thailand. Stories Cafe visited them this past January.

Jeremy and Maegan shared about Thrive and the work that they are doing, and hope to do in the future to help rescue and restore more children from human trafficking. They shared stories of some of the children they have already rescued, and how they are now thriving in every day life.

It is amazing to hear how love and faith has truly restored all of the children. Thrive’s story is one of great accomplishments. All the children they support and love have hopes and dreams for the future. They all are able to receive counseling and services needed to recover from the tragic abuse they had once endured.

Today, the children of Thrive have a home, family, and a future thanks to the vision Jeremy and his wife Jenifer had when they started the home 4 years ago. Now the children are able to go to private school, enjoy making memories as a family, and have continued support and safety.

All of what Thrive has done, and is doing is thanks to the many supporters they have here in America. At our event alone we had 7 new supporters sign up! This is wonderful! They are almost half way to being fully funded. Once they are fully supported they are then able to start another rescue home, because currently they are at capacity in their current home.

So, how can YOU help? Visit Thrive Rescue Home’s webpage by CLICKING HERE, then become a supporter. Once you support a child you will get updates, cards, and artwork from that child.

Deciding to support Thrive is a decision that will help rescue and restore more children for many years to come. A decision like that is always a RIGHT decision.

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