IMG_0700We started today out with church. We visited a church that was located in a basement. The service was beautiful, filled with worship and The Word. Many people were there giving their hearts to the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit. It was wonderful to experience church in a different culture and language. It was clearly visible that God’s love is the same no matter where in the world you are. He touches so many souls, and changes so many hearts.



After service we ate lunch with the parishioners. We enjoyed home made Thai food, and delicious yummy ice cream. All of us felt so welcomed by the congregation. They made a point to smile, say hi to us, and try to have a small conversation. One thing that really stuck out to the group was church was not rushed, you did not come stay for exactly 60 minutes and then leave. Service went on for how ever long the people needed it to, and then after everyone stayed around to gather and eat as a community.

After church we visited the Pattaya sign, which is very similar to the Hollywood sign in LA. There, we were able to see all of Pattaya. We stood and heard the sounds of the city, taking it all in. Then we sat down together and prayed over the city. We prayed that the Lord’s healing will be felt, and that there will be light brought into the darkness. We also listened to the song “God of This City” by Chris Tomlin, which surprisingly was written there, in Pattaya, in a brothel.

IMG_0749We then met the children at a large shopping center called “Testco”. While there 3 of us each paired up with a house mom from Thrive. We helped them, and the children pick out new clothing. This was so much fun. Each of us were able to see even more of the children’s personalities come out. They were able to get a lot of what they needed and it was wonderful to be able to take some of the burden off of the house moms by helping the children pick out clothing. We each had a lot of fun getting to know the children a little more than we had known them yesterday.

We finished the day off with visiting the night market. I think we all had a lot of fun just being women again, by being women I mean shopping, shopping and more shopping. After when we got back into the van we were all so excited to share what each of us had found for ourselves and family back home!IMG_0757 IMG_0759

Each day here in Pattaya has shown us a bit of God’s love, yet each day has shown us a bit of darkness and our purpose for being here, the reason for our need to share with all of you about the raw truth of human trafficking here in Pattaya.


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